create #AccessibleOlli world’s most accessible bus for aging & disabled

Urban mobility is a $1.5T market affecting 4 billion people. Our aging and disabled citizens are underserved by current transportation systems. Societal pressures and regulations require that everyone make all of their transportation fully accessible.

#AccessibleOlli is crowdsourced effort for you & your community to use cognitive & IoT technologies, design thinking & #STEM with schools to create the “world’s most accessible mobility” for aging & disabled. With Olli self-driving shuttle from Local Motors as testbed for integrating accessible designs and prototypes you create in a global design challenge and 9 city worldwide Watson IoT hackathon series. Your work culminates in CES `18 #AccessibleOlli exhibition with your #AccessibleOlli autonomous shuttle interacting with the public and assistive technologies such as autonomous wheelchairs.

#AccessibleOlli needs your insights and sweat to solve accessibility challenges. As with Olli, your #AccessibleOlli contributions are portable to cars, elevators, hotels, hospitals, trains and homes.

Get on the bus! Join CTA FoundationAARPMITPTECH schoolsASULocal MotorsUltrahapticswhat3words, MapboxFront PorchIBM AccessibilityWatson IoT AutoLAB, cities pursuing #AccessibleOlli grants, and all others that want to contribute. IBMers check out

Need people with disabilities, accessible design, IoT, robotics, directed audio, diarization, augmented reality, haptics, ultrasonic haptics, machine vision, multi-modal transportation, and recommend technologies to complete your vision for the “world’s most accessible transportation”.

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#AccessibleOlli team talking about why this work is so important to the world

 #AccessibleOlli design thinking workshop with PTECH school kids, Local Motors, CTA Foundation, IBM Accessibility and Watson IoT AutoLAB

PTECHOllicopy #AccessibleOlli design thinking at AARP Hatchery in Washington DC with IBM Accessibility, Local Motors and CTA Foundation working with aging experts representing the needs of AARP’s 38 million members


IBM Olli #1 we could use as rolling testbed for #AccessibleOlli


  #AccessibleOlli go deeper:


cognitive mobility and IoT cars

Some of the things I’ve collaborated to make:

Joe Speed IoT auto innovations

  • #AccessibleOlli crowdsourced cognitive self-driving transportation for aging & disabled. This is being developed in partnership with Local Motors, IBM Accessibility, CTA Foundation and many others including MIT and Princeton. It has been accepted for AI XPRIZE and featured in MIT Tech Review#AccessibleOlli
  • Olli cognitive self-driving shuttle. Brought Local Motors and IBM together and lead this co-creation of future of cognitive mobility.
  • Cognitive Mobility prototypes for automakers. Combining Watson IoT for Automotive, Watson, Weather, Twitter, Bluemix, Twilio, Mapbox and other technologies into an in-vehicle cognitive experiences.
  • “IoT Auto” 3D Printed advanced technology vehicle with Local Motors, Octoblu’s Meshblu, Link Motion instrument cluster & infotainment on NXP i.MX with ARM TrustZone, and IBM technologies including IoT Foundation, Bluemix, MobileFirst (Worklight), Streams, NodeRED, MQTT. Exhibited at IBM Insight `15 and SEMA `15.
    Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 1.12.18 PM
  • UNLV Robotics DARPA DRC-HUBO robot driving Local Motors 3D printed car into IBM Insight `15 Expo. Was excited to helped these things come together and get UNLV Robotics the exposure they deserve and help training HUBO to drive his car 🙂
  • aftermarket”car compute” on-ramp to IBM IoT + Bluemix cloud. Connects cars to our IBM cloud in seconds.
  • Continental’s prototype IoT+Big Data Connected Car cloud on Intel powered Softlayer cloud for V2V and “highly automated” driving.  Uses MQTT, Eclipse Paho, MessageSight (Intel Inside) IoT appliance, Streams, NodeRed and other components.  Here is German Chancellor Angela Merkel reviewing it.
  • Open IoT show car with Intel, IBM, Local Motors.  430hp crowdsourced open source car with MQTT, Intel Quark / Galileo, running Node-RED (Node.js for IoT) car controller & Intel Atom IVI system Automotive Grade Linux (Tizen IVI) and MobileFirst UX, connected to IBM Softlayer Connected Car cloud with IBM MessageSight, Big Data, Predictive Maintenance, Node-RED, MobileFirst Worklight.
  • Collaborated with Jaguar Land Rover developing LR4 and supercharged F-Type IoT show cars live demo’d at IBM Connect 2014, Tizen Dev Conf, IBM Innovate 2014.  Solution used MQTT, AGL Tizen IVI, MessageSight, Streams, Node-RED, Predictive Maintenance, MobileFirst, Softlayer cloud.
  • Led collaboration with QNX creating IoT car shown at IOD 2013, CES 2014, Pulse 2014.  Solution uses MQTT, IBM Big Data, Streams (CEP), Predictive Maintenance, Softlayer Cloud, MobileFirst, QNX, Texas Instruments, Jeep Renegade.
  • Raspberry Pi powered IoT show car w Local Motors, Citrix Octoblu, and Linux Foundation.  Planned 3D printed IoT enabled show car.
  • Drove creation and co-designed IBM IoT & Connected Car showcase on Softlayer cloud used for IBM’s demos, proof of concepts, hackathons and developer outreach.  Uses MQTT, Eclipse Paho, Bluemix (IBM’s Cloud Foundry), MobileFirst, Node-RED, MessageSight, Big Data, Streams, Predictive Maintenance, Softlayer cloud.
  • Worked with car2go and Daimler IT starting in 2012 to get IoT MQTT into all car2go, car2go EV and car2go black Mercedes vehicles. Daimler moovel‘s car2go was the first to build open IoT into vehicles.
    Joe Speed car2go

Joe Speed’s IoT, Connected Car and Cognitive Mobility Keynotes, Panels and Press

Joe Speed’s keynotes, panels and other speaking engagements

Joe Speed’s press and analyst mentions

Older press and keynotes

“Makers & Co-Creation” with AT&T, GE FirstBuild, Local Motors at AllSeen Alliance Summit

Here is our recent panel from the AllSeen Alliance Summit, like any great movie it becomes even more riveting in the 3rd act 🙂
We had lots of great discussion and activity at our collaboration project’s recent event.
Alex is AT&T’s global developer evangelist, running 30 events a year with thousands of developers and makers.   In fact today he is in Manila running one right now.
John is the head of connected devices for GE Appliances and connectivity maker at FirstBuild which does crowdsourced home appliances, hosts makerfaire, etc.

Jay is the founder of Local Motors and has a team of 130,000 people that collaborate on open hardware design of new cars, motorcycles, and other things that roll.  Like what I and AllSeen Alliance and Linux Foundation do for collaborative software development, Jay‘s community does for hardware.  They recently 3D printed a car.  Google says there were 31,400 news items about that.

I’m also a fan of Tenaya Hurst of dog hunter / Linino.  She’s a mad maker of wearables, quite awesome.  She is who you hear asking this panel about the importance of failure.  She even makes her own music videos 🙂

AllSeen Alliance: THIS is what collaboration looks like

AllSeen Alliance Summit was a lot of fun.  Expected 80 people but instead had 224 people from 100 companies and 19 countries come to collaborate. This gives you an idea of what collaboration looks like:

AllSeen Alliance Summit 2014

Want to know how things work?  We collaborate.  Community is completely open and transparent.  We’re all about collaborating, adopting the best standards and creating open source IoT software people can just take and use to create things.  Don’t even have to be a member.

IoT MQTT handy links

here is some info I gave an automaker tonight, thought it might help others:

A little bit of Spring and MQTT

thoughts on using Spring and MQTT from one of my favorite people. This is the best way to MQTT enable your Java app servers, though obviously you can also use JMS if your MQTT broker (for example MessageSight) supports that too.  But if your java app servers are in one location and your MQTT broker is in another, i.e. cloud then this is the way.

The lost outpost

I’ve been involved with Spring (the Java framework, not the season…) for a couple of years now – since I joined VMware in 2012 through the former SpringSource organisation in the UK – and I’ve remained “involved” with it through my transition to Pivotal and the framework’s evolution into Spring 4 / Spring.IO under Pivotal’s stewardship.

To be clear, although I’ve been a “Java guy” / hacker through my time at IBM, I have never been a hardcore JEE coder, and my knowledge of Spring itself has always been limited. My good buddy Josh (MISTER Spring, no less) has done his best to encourage me, I briefly played with Spring Shell last year with @pidster, and the brilliant work done by the Spring Boot guys has been helpful in making me look at Spring again (I spoke about Boot – very briefly, as a newcomer to it –…

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