A little bit of Spring and MQTT

Originally posted on The lost outpost:
I’ve been involved with Spring (the Java framework, not the season…) for a couple of years now – since I joined VMware in 2012 through the former SpringSource organisation in the UK – and I’ve remained “involved” with it through my transition to Pivotal and the framework’s evolution into…

IoT Cloud enable GENIVI, Tizen, AGL in 5 minutes via MQTT

While helping one of my customers, I asked Ian Craggs @icraggs to prototype an MQTT+D-Bus bridge to cloud enable GENIVI, Tizen and Automotive Grade Linux.  Ian surprised me with a command line solution that MQTT enables them  in 5 minutes.  I expect we’ll still develop a bridge component for GENIVI but this is a trivially […]

protobuf + MQTT is yummy fast goodness

MQTT is very fast, very efficient.  Payload size & speed matters too though.  XML is too heavy and slow for mobile.  JSON is much better.  But for absolutely smallest wire size and fastest serialization you need binary.  The most obvious and mature solution is Google Protocol Buffer aka “protobuf”. Benchmarks of JSON vs protobuff vary but […]

MQTT Sensor Fabric – Everything you were afraid to ask DARPA, UK MoD, Army Research Lab

Everything you ever wanted to know about creating a military-grade sensor mesh.  And a few things you’d rather not think about.. I understood (or was told) that I can not discuss this.  But info is now declassified and readily available if you know what you’re looking for. There are lots of smart applications to exploit […]

REST is for sleeping. MQTT is for Mobile

REST is designed around a simple request/response model.  So you ask “did my account balance change” and the response is returned “no it did not“.  So you check again a few minutes later, and get the same response.  Sound like a silly example?  Actually we’ve learned that it is a very real issue that many […]

Joe Speed living on the edge as CTO ADLINK IoT

I’ve been working on the edge for a long time. For many years I’ve known edge and proximal IoT are where the most interesting problems live. I was really pushing edge years ago back when most were trying to get their head around cloud. This is why after finally getting MQTT made open in 2013 […]

cognitive mobility and IoT cars

Some of the things I’ve collaborated to make: #AccessibleOlli crowdsourced cognitive self-driving transportation for aging & disabled. This is being developed in partnership with Local Motors, IBM Accessibility, CTA Foundation and many others including MIT and Princeton. It has been accepted for AI XPRIZE and featured in MIT Tech Review Olli cognitive self-driving shuttle. Brought Local Motors and […]