Joe Speed living on the edge at ADLINK IoT

I’ve been working on the edge for a long time. For many years I’ve known edge and proximal IoT are where the most interesting problems live. I was really pushing edge years ago back when most were trying to get their head around cloud. This is why after finally getting MQTT made open in 2013 as the foundation for Eclipse IoT, I collaborated to make open RSMB (really small message broker) and MQTT-SN (MQTT for sensor networks) via Eclipse IoT. And shepherded open source proximal IoT at Linux Foundation.

I’ve always thought highly of ADLINK Technology. Worked with this IBM partner for on-ramp to IBM Watson IoT and moving predictive analytics workloads to the edge. I absolutely loved what ADLINK, Intel and IBM did for the fab’s chillers.

ADLINK reached out to talk about joining. I told them very interesting but can’t abandon the #AccessibleOlli program and community that I’d worked so hard to build especially with the upcoming CES 2018 unveiling of this accessibility lab. So I was floored when their execs said “We love #AccessibleOlli too! Join and do it full time through CES. And we’ll commit tech & people through 2018 to ensure #AccessibleOlli’s success in collaboration with CTA Foundation, IBM, Local Motors and the rest of the community.”

ADLINK cares about things I care about. Autonomous & robotics. IoT enabled HMI. Edge computing. Sensor fusion. Accessibility & inclusion. Co-creation and design thinking. Crowdsourcing and open data. And they’re successful living 100% on the edge. Happy customers, lots of revenue, growing fast. These are things I can get behind.

Will be talking more about this with the always terrific Steve Ewell of CTA Foundation at CES 2018 Tuesday 12:30PM CTA Center Stage, Grand Lobby. Hope to see you at CES!

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