MQTT speeds GENIVI, Tizen, Automotive Grade Linux

MQTT is open source (Eclipse), open standard (OASIS) lightweight pub/sub messaging for mobile networks.  Versus HTTPS on mobile networks it is 93x faster, uses 1/11th as much battery to send, 1/170th to receive.  It just requires a TCP/IP stack and the clients are quite small, for example 12KB on Arduino.

1/2 dozen automakers and several tier-1 suppliers are already working with MQTT (and my product IBM MessageSight)

To try MQTT on Automotive Grade Linux, just launch an Xterm and type:

webskeleton -f

Live demos, HTML5 source code and demo videos are at

Tutorials and demo videos 

MQTT client source for C, C++, Java, HTML5 JavaScript, Lua, Python and Eclipse plug-in

Download MessageSight for Developers free virtual appliance.   Easy, secure, and quite fast.

Or RSMB (really small message broker) which is a 75KB MQTT broker for embedded systems (or desktop development) that will be soon be open source on

You can also use my Internet accessible MQTT sandbox, simply point your MQTT or MQTT over HTML5 WebSocket apps at port 1883

Not to be immodest, but I think these are worth reading.  @mobilebit twitter also has lots of info

IBM Messaging (MessageSight and MQ) resources:

Really have to love today’s Google Trends for MQTT



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