Latency is a Driver Distraction issue

Latency is a Driver Distraction issue. Faster communications, faster decisioning saves lives.  There are many automakers and tier-1 suppliers working with me on that. Obviously there are also the other values it brings such as having a better driver experience and a better owner experience. For example being able from your smartphone to find my car, unlock my car, etc. with “key fob response time”, i.e. sub-second, faster than you lift your finger off the button.  Which is more impressive after you learn that the connected car systems out there today are typically yielding 15 to 90 second response times.  One luxury German brand for example, when you click the smartphone app to “find car” brings up a dialogue saying “Finding your car.  This may take a few minutes.”  And it does.

Somewhere you can see the alternative is the faster connected car driver experience that Sprint Velocity is showing at the upcoming LA Auto Show.



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